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CS_AIW Cluster – Meeting of Minds 4 Report

On February 23 and 24, the “Cancer Survivorship – AI for Well-being” Cluster, of which FAITH is one of the founding members, held the Meeting of Minds 4.

The Meeting of Minds 4 was an online event, the first Cluster event open to the public, and it spanned over two days. The Meeting of Minds 4 focused on one simple question: “how can new technologies better support patients?“. This question is particularly relevant and common to all Cluster members, as each project is developing its on AI-based solution, which will deal with different aspects and moments of cancer survivorship, from the mental health perspective to Quality of Life (QoL) assessment.

The Meeting of Minds 4 was a patient-orientated event. More than 100 stakeholders participated over the two days of the event; the audience included patients, patient advocacy associations, healthcare providers, IT specialists, researchers, and policy makers from the European Commission. The event contributed to strengthening their understanding for a better delivery of what is needed by the patients, clinical professionals, and also their care-givers.

After the event, the Cluster drafted the following Report, which contains an overview of the Cluster members’ sessions presenting the projects, as well as the interventions from guests who participated in the roundtable session on patient engagement in cancer research, and the intervention of DG Research & Innovation representative Barbara Kerstiens on the EU efforts in the battle against cancer.

Release date: May 2022

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