Project Description

FAITH 1st video

With an incidence of more than 18 million new cases each year, cancer leads patients to face several challenges, which can degrade their mental health and lead to a diminished quality of life.
The FAITH project is working towards creating an innovative solution to support the mental wellbeing of post treatment cancer survivors. The solution will help to identify mental health downward trajectories in cancer survivors without the need for face-to-face consultations, and will inform the users’ healthcare team of possible negative trends.
Thus, cancer survivors who begin to experience mental health declines will be able to receive attention from their healthcare services as early as possible, improving their quality of life; whereas, without our solution, they may have delayed access to appraisal or treatments.

But how does the solution that FAITH proposes really work to benefit cancer patients?
Hear it from the testimony of the very people working in the project.

Release date: July 2021