Project Description

The FAITH Dashboard

Initially created as the internal research tool of the project, the FAITH Knowledge Database Dashboard is a tool displaying outstanding knowledge and technological solutions about mental health and cancer survivorship. We designed it to provide practical access to the most relevant sources and technologies in these fields. Then, we decided to make it accessible for doctors, researchers and anyone who could be possibly interested in gathering knowledge about these topics.

How it works

The FAITH Dashboard is shaped as a circle. The core comprises 8 sectors, one for each resource type: App, Internet Article, Research Project, Scientific Paper, Dataset, Library, Internet Resource, and Other. Radially ranged around it, lies an overview of the topics contained in each sector.

By clicking on one resource type, you can access a view of all the topics it contains. Then, selecting one topic will display the list of available materials, with Title, Rating and Type. Clicking on a specific segment will expand it, allowing access to the Entries List.

In addition, the bar on the top of the page enables searching resources by keywords. Then, you can filter them by type, topic, year, and rating.

A variety of topics

The FAITH Dashboard collects a variety of topics. The most relevant include depression, AI, bio monitoring, big data, NLP, and privacy. One of the most innovative aspects of the FAITH Dashboard is that each source may combine different topics, shedding light on new possible connections and ways of searching.

For every source, you can read a short description and an explanation of its relevance to the FAITH Project. You can also access the original resource by clicking on the “Access Resource” button.

Next steps

Our Dashboard is a living tool. For this reason, we will update it with new discoveries for the entire duration of the project.
Therefore, if you have any knowledge that you might want to share, feel free to do so! Click the “Suggest New Resources” button and fill in the form. Our reviewers will evaluate your suggestion and consider adding it to the database.

Are you ready to explore our Dashboard? Visit the dedicated page and try it yourself, or take a guided tour by clicking on “Start Guided Tour”.